beautiful ideas

I have a lot of ideas about beauty. I've thought about it, read philosophers opinions on it, seen how it affects the psyches of regular people everyday (including myself) and then thought about it some more. What I've settled on as a truth about beauty is that quite simply Beauty is Truth. What I mean by that is we get to define it as something that is true and pure for us. It is not something that someone gets to define for us nor is it something that is ever fixed within one concept.

"Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye." 
– William Shakespeare

Beauty belongs to each of us. Sure, maybe beauty needs to be redefined, but more than that it needs to be reclaimed. If we don’t take it back for ourselves, it won’t matter how it’s redefined. Someone else will still be defining it for us.

When we buy into conventional standards of beauty, we give up the power (and the right) to own it for ourselves. Think about it. Someone made that stuff up to make money. It’s fictional! It’s only as real as we let it be.

Everyone is beautiful. Better yet, everyone is beauty. If that isn’t seen at first glance, look harder, look longer, look for more than what beauty can give to you. Because beauty owes us nothing.

True beauty is the soulful gift of experiencing; experiencing another being, nature, life, love. If we’re not open to the experience, then it’s time to take beauty back from the commercials that sell it to us, from the products that promise it, and from the select few that we’re told have the right to possess it.

Yes, we will encounter people who are not owning beauty for themselves who will find flaws in us, call us ugly because they lack a sense of self worth, and do their best to otherwise put us down. Keep your head up, your heart open, and don’t be a jerk. Just keep on reclaiming beauty for yourself. No one can stop you.

Beauty is not a commodity. No one can sell it to you. It’s already yours. You get to define it for yourself. You have the power to own it for yourself, to embody it now and always.

Journal/Sketch Prompt: What does beauty mean to you? What is your most beautiful non-physical attribute? How would you describe it as something physical? For example, what color is your inner beauty? How big is it? What's the texture like? How does light fall on it? What do you find ascetically pleasing in the world?

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