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Blogging has been on my mind for years now but every time I take a look at the top blogs, do a little investigative research or whatever, I feel like the odd ball out in a bunch of ways. Here's the thing...

I'm weird by most standards. Always have been, always will be. I don't really care about fashion trends or painting my nails or baking cupcakes all that much. I'm a mother of two but I don't really do the hyper-mom stuff and I only moderately do domesticy topics besides gardening, growing food, and decorating on the cheap. I shop at the VOA on a regular basis and keeping up with any sort of Kardashian makes me want to heave. But that's just me. No judgey.

Basically, I tend to do things my way (as simple as I can manage) and I believe what other people think of me is their business. I live in a mobile home and I'm not much of a consumer, though I have been known to have a weakness for cheap handbags and I go through $10 sunglasses like underwear. 

As for the other stuff blogs are usually about: I'm no good at tutorials because I'm too busy being in the creative zone and making stuff that I don't even think to document anything for future reference. I also think step by steps that are too specific can kill creativity. (You can do it! Fly by the seat of your pants!)

Due to this in-the-moment mentality I'm usually in, I don't often think to take a lot of pictures that I could blog about either. Unless, of course, something strikes my art just right or baby goats are involved. This is something I'm really going to have to work on, I think.

So I kept asking myself what the hell I would blog about that anyone would actually want to read. I probably used another word besides hell though since I swear like a sailor. (Do sailors actually swear a lot or have we just given them all a bad rap?) I'm also flighty.

Then there's the fact that I can't deny being a little nervous to reveal parts of my life that feel private or that I worry might provoke criticism. I grew up in a time before anyone cared who they bullied, let alone who they cyber-bullied. I guess I've always been pretty covertly weird because of that. But I also wouldn't bother blogging if I couldn't find the courage to be authentic.

Even with all those conundrums of derailed and gnarly-train-wreck thoughts (that should be signs to abandon any ideas of my possible-eventual blogging career) I still feel like I might have something to say that other folks could dig on. So what can I offer you, Dear Reader?


I want you to be inspired to live life the way you want to - not the way you think you have to. I can show you that following your heart and your dreams is worth it, that you can do it, and that you're not the only weirdo out there. I want you to know that your unique weirdness is the source of your personal power and that being authentic in everything you do is a strength not a weakness.

You can buy a mobile home for the price of a used car instead of a $300,000 track house and live on your terms. You can spend more time doing things you love with the people that really matter and worry a whole lot less. You can grow your own food in a small space, buy from local sources, learn to preserve your own fruits and veggies, and start a renewed relationship with the natural world. You can be brave enough to be vulnerable, to live with meaning, to love with all your heart, and grab happiness with both hands.  

If I can do it, then you can do it. Let's inspire each other.

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