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I was recently tattooed a couple more times, making six little symbols on my skin since the age of 19. These are the latest additions in almost ten years or so. I think. These symbols mean a lot to me. I don't get tattoos that don't *seriously* mean some *serious* stuff to me. Seriously.

The top one is an ancient Greek monogram that was found on the inner thigh of a 1,300 year old female mummy. It reads Mixaha in Greek which translates literally to Michael in English. The lower one is the word Eros, also in Greek - but modern.

To me, Eros means a lot more than the Christian connotation and way a lot more than just being the root of the word erotic. To me, Eros is the name for Love as more than a feeling or a combination of chemicals. To me, Eros/Love is a force or a power operating in existence... very much like gravity.

Eros was originally a primordial deity, androgynous and born from the Cosmic Egg, long before he was made into the son of Aphrodite (herself a much altered deity from her original form). "The Orphics knew him as Phanes, a primal being hatched from the world egg at creation. He was also equivalent to Thesis, "Creation," and Physis, "Nature."

What symbols mean something to you? Do you have tattoos of them or do you plan to get some in the future? Maybe you're not into tattoos. How else do you incorporate important symbols in your life? Are there symbols that inspire you to make art or write about your most sacred ideas and values?

Journal/Sketch Prompt: If you were a fictional character in a fantasy novel, would you have tattoos? If so, what would they be of and what would they mean? Design your own tattoo artwork.

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