a series in progress

Here are a couple of the small scale acrylic abstracts on wood I'm currently working on for my new project, Mona & Blackbird. They will be completely sanded along the edges and stained with a deep walnut on sides and back then drilled (perhaps on all four sides for optimal customization) so they can go straight up on the wall as is. They give me a distinctly mid-century vibe... probably because I was watching Mad Men on Netflix when I was painting them. ;)

For me, abstracts are the pinnacle of self expression. I can use simply line and color to demonstrate an intangible feeling I can't otherwise explain or just hint at a mood. Words are hard to come by when I try to explain what looking at a particular image can evoke for me. All I know is that something about the combination of color, shape, and line makes me feel something... anything at all. And to me, that makes a piece successful.

Journal/Sketch Prompt: What do abstracts do for you? Are you more into representational art? Realism? If you dig abstract art, what are examples of some of your favorite artists or works? How are you inspired by abstraction? 

Take a moment and a blank page to simply make marks. Don't think about them. Just let your hand move and see what happens. Next, grab at least three colors (markers, pencils, even crayons) and repeat this exercise using all of those colors. What did you make? Post your work to the comments below or share on my Facebook page.

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