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“We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight.”- John Lennon

When I first started selling my work online back in 2010, one of the series I began with was one that I less-than-creatively called the "Make Love And" series. The idea was simple enough. Instead of all the (timeless yet tired) "Keep Calm" stuff floating about out there, I would make similar works that said "Make Love".

After a while the idea evolved into making love and doing things... mostly crafty things.

For the most part it was well received, with a few folks even requesting versions that represented their own personal interests and passions. But here's where things started to confuse me a little. Once the unique "Make Love And" editions were complete I heard things like "we have girls and my husband doesn't want it to say "make love"..."

Huh? No, seriously. I'm not being a jerk. My brain honestly just went "huh?" because I don't even understand this line of thought and I certainly don't understand why people who think this way would be interested in artwork that seemingly goes against their "family values". Let's not get into the "we have girls" part because... well I've been known to go on a few feminist rants in my day and this is not that post.

Still pissed I didn't get one of these rad tea towels when they were available.

So... I got a little more brash with the whole thing.

And tried to explain myself on all of the "Make Love And" listings in my shop: "How to Make Love in Public Places" speaks for itself. It's a funny reminder of how to create love in your world every day. Personally, I think there are LOTS of ways to make love. Just to contribute to the world being a more loving place with smiles and kind gestures could be considered "making love".

I actually had someone ask me to remove the header of this poster so it didn't say "make love" let alone in public places. Gah. The below image was an ad I started placing wherever I could in silent response/protest.
I can't say the detraction I experienced from just very few people didn't make me wonder if I was offending a whole lot more. I was admittedly a little worried about driving away business by advocating love. Wow... reading that back sounds so ridiculous now.

Anyway...oddly enough (not actually odd at all) this didn't deter me one bit but instead sort of fueled me to make some other stuff. I even invented a storyline with a fake band called Save the Unicorns (complete with street-team stickers and weird viral marketing things embedded in my website) who live in a fake post-apocalyptic world where people trade cigarettes for cookies and whose motto is "make love, make art, live forever". This is still the title of my poor, neglected tumblr blog. I think. And I even used a bleach pen to write this on a couple of my old t-shirts.

This has led to t-shirts, fabric collections and more. There's so much that I don't even know where all of it is at the moment. I'm sure you get the idea though. Best yet, Save the Unicorns led me to some ideas that continue to influence my work.

The concept behind what Save the Unicorns represents is one that is embedded in all that I do. To me, it's the magic of human potential, freedom, love, creativity, and ultimately a passion that can never be stifled. What I found among a few comments that made love into something unsavory... that took pleasure, kindness, and intimacy and turned them into fear... was something pure, powerful, and unstoppable.

Eventually I re-made those first posters and have settled into a more comfortable place with letting everyone know I'm all about making love, in public or otherwise without fear of ridicule. And that was really the hardest part. People can think what they want and I no longer think it's any of my business. Cheesily, if being into love is wrong, I don't want to be right anyway. 

I'm pretty sure some more t-shirts are imminent in the near future but for now... get your Unicorn fix with some awesome wallpaper below. One day I'll have so much stuff covered in these patterns... one day. :D Until next time - Make Love. Make Art. Live Forever.

"To me the symbolic image of the unicorn represents creative individuality, the mythos of human potential, and the promise of a hopeful, magical future where we all remember we are wild and free."

With me on the love bandwagon? Get free Hi-res (1366x768) Save the Unicorns wallpaper for your desktop. Click to download.

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