today, be free

Today I will be free. Free of worry, free of self-criticism, free of anything that dulls the beauty of my life for even a second. I will not be ashamed of who I am nor will I try to hide myself from the world. I will affirm that I am perfectly imperfect as I am and liberated to life, laughter, and love.

Today I will be free so that I will remember that sacred and joyous abandon for all the days that come after this one. I will remember so that I may be present when my children need me, so that I might teach them what freedom truly means to their tender human hearts.

I will remember so that love - true and gorgeous and amazing love - might never pass me by but be always with me in the beautiful now. Oh how foolish we often are in the face of that love.

Today I will be free so that I never forget to be grateful, to hold on tight to all the dearest loves of my soul.

Today I will make it count.

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