silk dyed spring eggs

Whether you call it Easter or Ostara, coloring eggs for spring is an ancient tradition. 

This year, we wrapped ours in 100% silk ties by using a scrap of fabric to secure them inside little packages. Twist ties also work if you've got them on hand. Then we wrapped them in some plain white fabric as well to keep the dyes from mingling too much in the pot. An old pillow case or sheet is perfect for this.

We placed our eggs inside a water and vinegar mixture (about 2 tablespoons of vinegar per 4 cups of water) inside a glass pot. Enamel would also work but metal isn't recommended for this process.

Martha Stewart said something about cooking them for 20 minutes and longer if they were going to be eaten. So I boiled them for 30 minutes but found these were way overcooked. My son still scarfed them down though, bless his heart (and his tummy).

Next time I plan to bring the eggs to a boil then cook for no longer than 18 minutes for softer and yellower yokes that make a better egg salad. ;)

I would also recommend that you try to find silk that is super brightly colored for the best results. Blues, reds, and purples seemed to work the best though we didn't have all the colors to experiment with. Blacks were great but browns and oranges came out kind of yellow-ish and marbled.

Suffice it to say, we had some less concentrated colors that just didn't show up as we had hoped. A bit of a let down for the four year old (and a frowny face for me to be honest) but also a great learning experience.

You don't have to use ties. Silk boxers or anything else made of 100% silk should work great for all your egg fun. Check out your local thrift stores if raiding your closest doesn't get you far.

Have fun experimenting!