not the leggings type

Let me impart a not so dirty secret. I'm not the leggings type. Even when I do yoga, I'm more of the rumpled pair of sweatpants in the bottom of my closet type. Something about leggings just always felt a bit gross to me. Maybe it's because they're a style that came up around the Jersey Shore phenomenon. Or maybe because I'm just not with it and hip.

When I was a kid we wore baggy jeans and flannels. Yes, I'm giving away my age here but I'm not ashamed of being a grunge era gen-xer. Maybe I should cringe a little about all the cigarettes and angst but the music more than makes up for that part. I mean, seriously. Eddie Vedder is cooler than ever these days. There's some weird grunge Renaissance happening that is the epitome of awesome. I wonder what Kurt would think of that though.

Anyway... yeah the leggings thing is kinda weird for me. So when I first tested my new line of M&B Artist Leggings I was a little outside my comfort zone. But once I slipped them on, I was totally sold. And I'm not just saying that because they have my art on them.

I was drawn to the idea because of the pure creative freedom of being able to design my own fabric patterns. It was thrilling to imagine wearing my own artwork and really taking personal expression to another level. And I wanted comfy clothes that encouraged what I'm calling a "make art all day style". If I'm painting some giant abstract on my deck and get a splash of crimson on my pants, I'm not going to be too miffed if I'm simply adding to an already abstractly painted surface. And I hate having to worry about getting acrylic out of my jeans. Mostly because it's just not possible.

And I'm completely in love with these abstract patterns, by the way. My daughter thinks they're loud and crazy though. Is it bad that I like them even more because she thinks that? To me, they're less about showing off the booty and more about having fun and empowering creativity. I think they're about a sense of self expression that's ownable by everyone instead of about the commodification of oneself to get approval. They're punk rock in a way; a big middle finger that says I don't care about fitting in and frankly don't want to.

I chose an ethical, fair-wage, sweat-shop free, environmentally friendly manufacturer that creates clothes that fit lots of body types. So they cost more (but not really if you already buy leggings from Love Pink) but they'll last and I can sleep at night knowing no one was harmed or exploited to keep me clothed (which can't be said for Victoria's Secret).

I think you'll dig them too, even if you're not making art all day. They're also perfect for getting your exercise on, cooking a meal in, or just lounging about doing you. Add a flowy top and a pair a sandals and they can take you on a funky date night. Pair them with a warm sweater and some high boots and it's time for a walk on a sunny autumn day.  Versatile, comfortable, expressive, ethical... yeah I think I'm finally becoming the leggings type.

Check them out here and with the coupon code you can even save ten big ones.

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