LB Color Wheel Yo!

If you listened to the last episode of Stars for Eyes, you would've heard me go on about my color wheel. If you didn't listen, go ahead and do that now.

Anyway... here is my color wheel. That's right. It's all mine. ;) You should totally go make your own if for no other reason that coming up with the names is a lot of fun. Google blank color wheels and get started. You don't have to go to the lengths that I have with hex codes and shades, etc. You can even print it out and fill it in by hand with custom mixed watercolors or gouache or acrylics. Or whatever.

No matter what you decide to do, make sure it's fun and it's what you want to do. You get to make color unique to you. It's yours. It's mine. Do it up then burn your old color wheel in effigy.

So I Do A Podcast Now

Yup. I decided to start a podcast and I'm already three really weird quirky episodes in. You can check it out at its very own website here or just search for Stars for Eyes in the iTunes podcasty thingy.

I've got plans... sort of... and if you like your podcasts short (for now) and unconventional, this is for you. I'll talk about lots of things why I make art, how I'm sick of wearing makeup, etc. as well as little audio vignettes of memories and strange little creative projects I may be working on.

Come along for the ride and maybe get in touch so I can hear your thoughts on the show. I'm even looking for submissions of content if you've got some poetry, honest love letters, audio abstractions, or whatever. Let's get a conversation going. Let's create a different kind of culture. Let's revolt.